8 pieces of information

Published by Martin dne 1.10.2012

which an experienced larper needs to know to decide, whether he wants to participate in the game or not. This concept was adapted from the norse tradition, because we believe it's a good way to avoid future misunderstandings between orgs and players about the nature of the game.

  1. Logistics
  2. The game was for 25 players, took 10 hours, but if you count pre-game workshops and the afterparty, it took a whole weekend. Food and costume was included in the price.

  3. Setting and genre
  4. The setting is described here, but the picture gallery can give you pretty close idea about the mood of The Shards setting. The first one shows the pre-apocalyptic world, the second shows the world after the apocalypse (thus, being more relevant for the game)..

  5. Theme/motive
  6. Technology, lost hope, civilization collapse.

  7. Characters
  8. Characters will be written for you and based on your prefernces they'll be distributed among you on the spot. Most of the characters are suitable for either men or women, the game does not contain romantic relationships.

  9. GNS model
  10. The main goal of the game was to create a mood of bleak sci-fi, civilization decay and despair. Don't expect to win, don't expect to survive. Expect a very special experience.

  11. Result (target) or emotion (process)
  12. The game is about solving a tragical situation during a gallactic civilization decay and about the impossibility to make a difference.

  13. Conflict
  14. The conflicts were mainly of social and political nature, some characters had emotional conflicts of their own. The game contained no combat at all.

  15. Hardcore
  16. The game was quite challenging for masked players. The game contained no rules for intimacy and combat as they were forbidden.